Stars Aligned Siblings

Valery Breshears, violin
Starla Breshears, cello
Dustin Breshears, violin

I have been coaching these three little stars for over two and a half years now. I work with them in the true Heifetz tradition, imparting them the legacy that I have learned and inherited from the master. This includes not only the Heifetz musical principles, but the non-musical ones in life. These no doubt will stand them in good stead in the future.

Sponsored by the L'Ermitage Foundation, a non profit organization which supports research for children's illnesses, the Three Little Stars will give a concert in Los Angeles at the Lux Hotel in Brentwood on July 26, at 8pm. Please come and support.


Valery, aged 7, coached by Ayke Agus, plays François Schubert "The Bee"

Starla, aged 9, plays Saint-Saens Alegro Appassionato Op.43

Dustin, aged 10, plays Paganini Caprice no.24

The Three Little Stars in Haydn Trio in G major